Pheatured Photographer: Felecia Laguerre Owens of The Owens Original Collection


The OwFelecia L. Owensens Original Collection


Her name is Felicia Laguerre Owens, an African American Aspiring Sports Photographer in Irvington, New Jersey. She is perfecting her skills photographing her local high school, where she chRonicles events on her Facebook page called:
Irvington High School NJ Sports
Visit this page at:


Felecia has been shooting Irvington High School NJ Sports for 4 years and is growing as a sports photographer, especially in the sports of tennis, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and softball.

Felecia believes that inner city athletes do not get adequate exposure in the mainstream media, and it is important to build self-esteem in our young athletes because they could be the leaders of tomorrow.  Through the attention that she gives them, there are positive results and because of it,  these athletes can look back at their high school sporting endeavors with fondness!


I hope to improve by becoming an all-around photojournalist, which includes news as well as sports!


Felicia Laguerre Owens
Irvington High School NJ Sports


Visit her sports page on You do not need to login on or to have an account, just click the link

Sports Photography (no login required)

Felicia Laguerre Owens


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