Featured Photographer: Jaye L. Tolbert of “Birds Eye Photography”

Kindred: The Family Soul (c) Birds Eye Photography 2015

Kindred: The Family Soul
(c) Birds Eye Photography 2015

Event and Portrait Photography

About Jaye L  Tolbert

Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, and with a lifetime passion for creatively expressing and capturing art in many forms, Jaye L. Tolbert founded Bird’s Eye Photography in 2012.

Taken from her nickname, “Jaye Bird” given by her late grandmother and her vision for creativity, “Bird’s Eye” was developed. Jaye is a self-taught District of Columbia & Maryland-based photographer. She is dedicated to capturing life in its vast array of colors, emotion and sentiments, while creating a relaxed atmosphere to allow clients to simply, BE themselves. She believes that ALL people are extraordinary in their own way and reflect beauty and life. It is always her mission and passion to help others and therefore, provide affordable services and great memories for each of her clients.

Jaye photographs weddings, concerts, expecting mothers (maternity/family), newborns/infants/toddlers, birthdays, family portraits, special events, graduation photos, engagement photos, headshots, products, corporate events, family celebrations, etc. and yes… YOU!

For bookings and inquiries email: bephotography01@gmail.com

Artistic Photography for Extraordinary People … BE

• When I asked Jaye ‘What do you want next for yourself?’:

I would love to gain more knowledge and experience in lighting in portrait photography and also gain more experience/opportunities in concert photography. I am also interested in the business aspect of photography and promoting my business to expand my opportunities and exposure.

Visit this link to learn more: http://www.birdseyephotography01.com




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