Pheatured Photographer: Cathy Foreman of Reflections by Cathy Forman

Cathy Foreman


Thank you for taking the time out to visit my site. It is my hope, while you’re here, that you feel comfortable and welcomed. It is also my hope that you find some interesting pieces of reflections that will prompt you to reach me for more information.

My name is Cathy and I am Reflections by Cathy Foreman. I love what I do.
Why? Finding reasons to fall more in love with photography every day is amazing. Photography affords me the opportunity to express my creativity as well the opportunity to connect with some truly extraordinary people. I love it!

• My Love |
I love backstories; they allow me to become personal with you and to get to know you.
That personal touch enables me to capture a more true reflection of who you are. I am blessed by each encounter as they all leave their mark on me and the way in which I view the world and portray it.

• How I Work |
I like to call myself a collaborator. As a client, you are entrusting me to capture the essence of you. Although I am the photographer, I know that most times, you have some general idea of what you want. I feel that it is my duty to work with you so that we can produce the best possible reflection of you.

• My Style |
I love texture. While I admire my fellow photographers and the amazing art they produce, I like to incorporate textures in my post processing.
For me, depending on the mood and the scene, you will find that most of my work has some sort of texture added. Why?
I personally feel that it adds a level of depth that may not have been there. When applied correctly, I believe it helps communicate the story I am trying to tell in that moment.
My style tends to create some one of a kind pieces.

• My Belief |
My tagline is: from Photography To Art I think is appropriate based on what I do. I tend to turn photographs into art-like pIeces
but I stand by this original tagline, “Moments Within A Moment”
because I believe a myriad of things happen from moment to moment. The milliseconds in between those moments have helped cultivate how I approach photography.

Simply put, I love to shoot. When I do this, it allows me to capture some priceless, raw and even brilliant moments.

This is who I am, how I work and what I believe.
– Reflections by Cathy Foreman


Fine Art |

I enjoy turning my images into unique art-like work. Because of that, I love Concert Photography and Models. Between the two, I’m given a range of emotion that allows me to create the work I do.

Photography as a whole. By comparison, I am very much a newbie to photography, so add that to the fact that I’m self-taught; there is a great deal that I don’t know.

Photography like most forms of art is ever evolving, which means there will always be some new technique, piece of equipment or process that we can dare to take on or stand fast with what we know works for us.



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