Pheatured Photographer Darnell A. Barnes of DSQ Photography


Darnell A. Barnes, a marketing professional who has consulted local  business in

Pheatured Photographer  Darnell A. Barnes of DSQ Photographythe Philadelphia area for 20 years, saw the need for a more dynamic visual component to compliment his electronic marketing strategies on radio, television and internet, as Social Media grew.

Initially DSQ Photography was a retirement plan as Darnell wanted to master a skill before he retired from the workforce. However, his passion and drive behind the camera coupled with his marketing sense made DSQ grow far quicker than was expected.
From the need for visual marketing DSQ Photography manifested.

It didn’t take long for DSQ Photography to become known and respected for weddings in various states, foreign countries, as well as his hometown of Philadelphia.

Darnell continues to shoot events for local entertainment professionals such as Walt Reeder, Jr, Dj Doc B and various entertainer complexes.

Through his popularity, craft and talent several published authors as well as prominent members of local churches have come to call on him for his favored skills.

Having garnished enough growth and success, a second studio location for his business was established: E.Pic Studio in Northeast Philadelphia (opening April 2015).

Portraits, social and political events and weddings.

I hope to improve in fashion and commercial photography

Darnell Barnes
DSQ Photography
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2 thoughts on “Pheatured Photographer Darnell A. Barnes of DSQ Photography

  1. Thought you captured so many moments at (my son’s) Victor Bryant, Jr & Jane’t Garnett’s wedding on 3/25/17. When they are done with the selections I may have interest in some myself.
    I also would appreciate any advice you would offer to someone who LOVES taking videos and photos(w/cell phone) and posting to Facebook. I do it because I love it, but would like to turn it into a business where I can earn coins as a 66 year retired fun loving person. I know my videos need lots of “fixes”.
    I always have enjoyed taking pictures and reflecting back and most of all sharing them…i.e. FACEBOOK!

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