Pheatured Photographer: Lamonte Gwynn of Lamonte G Photography

Lamonte Gwynn dba “Lamonte G Photography”


Lamonte Gwynn, owner and creative director of Lamonte G Photography. Who as a young artist, devoted my free time to drawing, creative writing and playing the piano.
I would imitate artists who inspired me by trying to replicate the magic and brilliance that had drawn me to their works.
Although my efforts were good and my talent budding, somehow I failed to fully satisfy my desire for artistic expression.
After picking up my first digital camera, I realized what that something was that had been missing: A connection.
The interconnection photography forges between subjects and the relationships created between subjects, artist, and the world around them all.

As I conversed with each person I photographed, I listened and learned their unique stories, and through these connections, I realized that I had finally discovered the medium of my true artistic expression.
I now shoot a wide range of events including weddings, corporate functions, news stories, fashion features, performers, architecture and portraits of individuals and groups.
Regardless of subject, I am a ‘people person” and through my photography I strive to always capture the unique human connection and bring it to the forefront. In doing so, I hope to create a classic, timeless image that captures the inner beauty of my subjects—whether they knew of its existence or not.
The joy of working with people who see their own beauty is infectious and I cannot help but grin at a job well done whenever I witness people smiling upon seeing their image through the lens of my camera for the very first time.

Lamonte G Photography is a full service photography studio located in Baltimore, Maryland specializing in dynamic professional headshots, beautiful individual and family portraits, weddings, events and commercial photography.

My desire to become known as Baltimore’s premier head shots photographer.

(443) 630-5355. 302 E. Federal Street. Baltimore, MD 21202

Lamonte G Photography


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