A family that creates together, succeeds together.”

M&M Photography

Husband and Wife Photography Team and Business
Specializing in Concert and Event Photography
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I Started out shooting as a hobby about 12yrs ago, it was a place of peace and solitude for me, the more and more I shot, the more people would ask me to shoot small events for them, ie: birthday parties, family reunions, etc…
So my wife made a suggestion one day: ” Honey, why don’t you put your talents to use and start a company and make something of it and from it?”
Being an ex model and working for Jet magazine, Essence, Ebony, and other outlets, she moved from being in front of the camera to being behind it also and shooting with me.
After shooting a host of different genres, I found that my niche was concert/celebrity/event photography.
Although I excel in this area, I also wish to grow further in my current specialty and also learn and grow in the areas of Boudoir and model/fashion photography.
My major goal is to become a personal Photograher for a celebrity and because I have never had any of my work published, it is an objective and goal to get my work published very soon.
Mike Ware
M&M Photography,LLC

*Website and blog are under construction

A family that creates together, succeeds together.

A family that creates together, succeeds together.


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