Trust your eyes.

July 21, 2011

For the gifted, sight and the ability to distinguish one color from another is as important as knowing your “A-B-C’s”. This also applies to hues, tones and variants.

When shooting in an environment consisting of “natural light,” be mindful of both man and natures colors.

We have created an image of someone dressed in black that “looks blue” and reds that look orange. Why? Too many variables to break it down in detail.

I would suggest that every beginning and some experienced photographers do one or all of the following:

• read the instruction manual

• join your camera manufacturers on-line forum

• join an interest or meet-up group

• be open to giving and receiving constructive criticism

• find a happy medium between sharing and accepting objective and subjective opinions and inferences

• invest in and study your craft

• respect and protect your investment

• work and shoot outside your forte

After completing these task in any order, find the (cash) value for your time and work based on your level of experience.

Thank you




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