Things I’ve Learned and Share

July 28, 2011

Things I’ve Learned and Share:
“Number Four: Silent Pro. Seeing What She Says.”

There’s a something to be said about silence. Especially when it’s accompanied by sound, you can’t even tell that it’s in the room waiting for its turn to be acknowledged. Too many times does sounds have an unwelcome opportunity to clash and becomes noise. And how many of us enjoy that unbearable sound? All joyful noises set aside but, when the silence is relegated to sound that activates listening during a welcome and expected exchange, the room can be filled with informative energy called “excitement.”
The joy and fun that learning from teenagers who discovered something different, if not new, offers a new perspective on how we communicate with them. Especially the sound of five
teenage girls. When “Number Four” began to speak, she spoke with purpose and precision. She blended examples with each of her statements when speaking on what she observed. What I noticed was they were alike in subtle ways when she, like “Number Three,” “so, what you are saying is, when I do this…that happens…?” I can only assume that they had no idea how much they all had in common, except for their excitement, eagerness to try and be rewarded for their accomplishments and most importantly, being allowed to pick what they deemed to be “their best.”
So, when “Number Four” had an opportunity to speak, she broke the silence by being respectful and mindful of everyone’s need to listen.

Next: “Number Five and Free.”

Thank you


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