Who is? What is? And, Why is…Operation Give Back: Photography


• This idea to give back was started in Philadelphia PA on October 16, 2010 when concert and experienced photographer k/d/morris reflected on a question that he once asked an experienced photographer of a specific question: ‘How did you do that?’ with regard to an image he had seen by the photographer. The answer was dismissive and life altering. as a result, Operation Give Back: Photography was born.

• The Summer 2011 Sessions and Exchanges began on April 16, 2011 and have met *bi-weekly on Saturdays for four months (until August) for four (4) to six (6) hours a day. (*subject to change)

• It is my intent to have this grow into a FOUNDATION with the assistance of corporate and private sponsorship and contributions that benefits a “universal” community. of photographs. I use Canon technology and have both Print and digital SLR’s.

• These sessions will focus on DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY.

• If you desire PRINT – we can discuss that for a future sessions.

• You must have and bring your own digital camera – any kind/brand and format (instruction manual would be a plus)

• Teaching and exchanging ideas on settings, conditions, composition and copyright protection, landscape, still life, event and candid photography, anything you desire. This is for anyone who takes pictures regardless of your ambition, level or frequency.

• We will discuss the pros and cons of posting on the web. Bring your ideas and experiences.
• The meeting points are always TBA at least one week prior.

• We being our walk shortly there after and I will Twitter and Facebook our location every 15-30 minutes for those wishing to catch up or join in.

• We will take break after two (2) hours to relax and compare images and discuss progress and ideas.

• It will be a community circle process where we will not compare levels nor praise one more th

Where ships go to rest...

Where ships go to rest…

an the other.

• I love photography enough to give it away” so that it will come back to me.

• If you have any cables, software or accessories that came with your camera, bring them.

• If you have a laptop, we will show you how to make it all work together and how to use your laptop as a secondary monitor to preview your images.

• Make sure that you bring fresh batteries and a carrying case with camera
cleaning kit and a plastic bag or clear shower cap if it should start raining while out.

• We will discuss “How to shop” for cameras and related items.

• For the more advanced photographers, I will show you how to manipulate your equipment for low and “bright” lights.

• Locations and times TBA

Answers to Some FAQ:

• Does it cost anything to join or participate?
NO. Just buy me lunch or dinner for my time.

• Can anyone participate? Bring family and friends Spread the word.

• Are there age restricitons?
Minors under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult.

• What if I don’t have a 35mm Digital SLR?
You can still participate. After all, it is a camera and we are photographers. It’s not the camera that makes the photographer, but what the photographer creates that makes history.

• What do I do with the photographs that I’ve taken after a group session? We ask that you share them within the group by posting them and include any information and technical data possible, including copyright notifications.

• I don’t know how to copyright my work and am afraid to post on the internet, how can I protect my work?
Photographs are protected upon creation. Additional copyright information and how to insure your rights can be found at:
Or email them at: contact@copyrightregistryonline.us

• In-box me if interested. All replies are confidential.

• Thanks for your interest.

• Email me at:

• Call me at: 215-645-7161

Thank you

k/d/morris –
Photographer and Founder
Operation Give Back: Photography

•• I have over 30 years experience as a concerts, event and fashion photographer with hundreds of references and thousands of photographs.

Thank you


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