It’s a celebration

“Practice Pays Off”

As a group leader and founder of the Facebook and tangible photography group “Operation Give Back: Photography,” I am pleased to announce that one of the most dedicated, determined and gifted members has taken a leap of faith and it paid off.
Zamani Feelings, since joining the group and being one of the most active members, has proven to himself and the world that practice can pay off.
So, join me as I congratulate Zamani Feelings in obtaining his goal and reaching one of many objectives by becoming a staff photographer for a community newspaper in Philadelphia, PA.
He stated about a month ago that he wanted to be a photo journalist and rightfully so. It fits his style and brand of photography.
On behalf of the members of Operation Give Back: Photography, we salute Zamani Feelings.

k/d/morris – Founder

*This group is open to anyone who desires to grow and share their passion for photography…and it’s FREE.

Thank you

‘It’s easy to be a leader. It’s harder to be trusted.’ – k/d/morris (poet) 2011


2 thoughts on “It’s a celebration

  1. Wow, thanks KD, I appreciate that alot. Your vision for having a hands on practical photography group in addition to the online sharing definitely was the overall base for my motivation to continue shooting.

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