Social Media, Groups and Photographers

March 24, 2014

Ekeoma Washington HedShotz: by kdmorris photographyThere are millions of people who use social media for one reason or another. Especially artists and photographers. Photographers are also artists in our own right, because we require an elevated level of creativity with the assistance of cameras, lenses, models, people, make up artists (MUA), designers, editing software and other tools of the trade.

There are hundreds of thousands of photographers that use social media to promote their work, enlighten and educate other photographers of all experience levels and, there are debates that are sparked due to a difference in opinion or technique.

There are groups that facilitate such events, although not the intent, but it happens. What I find most amusing, as well as amazing is that some of the moderators tend to take themselves too seriously. WAAAAAY too seriously. They have given themselves power that they lack in reality. They have given themselves the power to excommunicate you because you “violated some holy doctrine of the group, or pooped on their ego.” If you are labeled as a trouble maker, or one who is “overly expressive with your opinion (don’t bite your tongue)” – YOU ARE OUTTA THERE!

The point that i am making is this: Relax, life is waiting for you when you step away from the keyboard. Your monitor is tired of staring back at you, and it too, needs a break. So, the next time someone violates a rule the YOU made up, remember, when you get on the bus, train or plane, there are people who move those vessels with REAL POWER in their positions, and there isn’t a thread in the world that you can post, that will take away the power that human contact will ever have.

So, get up. Go outside and look at some three-dimensional faces, read a billboard or sign in a supermarket…and remember, you are no longer under the protection of your pseudonym, keyboard, mouse pad and monitor.

It’s time to face the world. The REAL WORLD.


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