The Joy of Learning

No matter how many images I create with each release of the shutter, I learn something new.

Just as I do as a photography instructor, which I like to refer to myself as a “life image enhancer” through one of my lenses that is attached to one of my bodies.

The brand is not important, but the experience is. Every moment spent in solitude or a crowded room with your camera gear, SHOULD be about the experience, not the name embeded on the plastic or dye cast body.

Recently, I gave a 16 year old explorer (what I call my students), the best four weeks of insight and approaches to becoming (I am confident) one of the worlds best photographers.

Photography isn’t only about what we see, or how we see it, but how we present our perspectives to the world in exchange for the gift, or ability to communicate to others what we see, without ever once saying a word.

Be a gift.

Tell the story through your eyes.


kdmorris photography


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