“Things I’ve Learned And Share”

July 25, 2011

“What I’ve Learned And Share” • About Five Young Ladies – Number One

In case you are just joining us, I began this blog with some insight as to the motivation and purpose for writing it in the first place. If this is the case, please read Part One (Event date: Friday-July 22, 2011) then come back and join us for Part Two. For all who are in step with the flow, let us begin:

During the exchange, I began with easy and basic “so, tell me your name and age – and what do you like to take pictures of…” line of questions to both get an idea of the direction I must go with each and tailor the information to their specific level of experience. Now, remember – some will “pretend NOT to know…”
After gathering enough details to formulate my approach, we got detoured by a particular reason for taking pictures when “Number One” said that she likes to “photograph herself after she gets dressed to both show her friends and family who can’t see what she’s wearing and to look back at how cute she was that day.”
I asked her ‘…if doing that gave her reassurance of her level of self confidence?’ She replied: “I just want to make sure that I am fine (acceptable) before I leave the house…” I added: ‘So, your camera serves as a secondary and portable/shareable mirror?’ Her answer: “Yeah. It does.” in a “I never looked at it that way” tone.
Her “discovery” became a beacon of motivation for others once we all stopped talking about taking pictures and began taking pictures during a five minute exercise I called “Your View-Your World Five Minutes” where at the end they had to pick one “favorite” and validate their selection through writing about why they chose that subject and image.
The purpose of “validating” their selections was one of a few exercises in getting them to communicate their feelings and ideas in a creative manner while identifying opinions and inferences. This was important to point out the differences between the two, although it’s a very thin line.
When she completed the task, she was more than please with her own abilities when she tapped into a part of herself that was under-explored. And when it was time to share why she chose the subject, angle (composition) and how it made her feel, she was equally confident.

Next up:
“Number Two: At First, Didn’t Like It, Now She Does.”

Thank you


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