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July 26, 2011

“Number Two: At First, Didn’t Like It, Now She Does.”
• Part two in a series

When it comes to art, especially photography, you don’t get many opportunities to communicate your intent and conceptual fortitude, unless someone asks, puts your work on display or your work is published and you get to tell the story in advance of some inevitable questions.
Young lady “Number Two” was more than eager to create and share her images. And equally quick to denounce one she was a part of. “Number Five” had used the classic “take a picture of someone taking a picture” technique unbeknown to “Number Two.” When it was time to share their images and explain the motivation and connection to the image with the group, “Number Two’s” response was your typical: “…Oh no. No. I don’t like that…you can delete that picture…” Sorry! No do-overs or deleting here, ma’am.
So, I asked “Number Five” to answer the three questions and when she included she “liked the picture because it made me feel free…” “Number Two” changed not only her opinion, but her attitude towards the image also changed.
What just happened here? Two obviously opposing views were settled without debate not elevated voices. Conflict resolution through art? Perhaps. Scientific? Nope. Creatively ingenious? You bet.
As some of us may have experienced or witnessed, when teenagers disagree, it can get rather loud. Even in controlled and monitored environments. The approach I used removed that air of competition and created an idea of equality.
It wasn’t written down nor researched, but devised based on my life experiences and what style of leadership the moment called for.
As adults, we sometimes make the mistake of either preaching or dictating to young people. As if we forgot how it made us feel. Let’s not forget or we will be forced to remember.

Thank you
k/d/morris – photographer

Tomorrow we will explore:

“Number Three: Watching and Listening, But Has Little To Say.” • Part three in a series.

Thank you


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