“An open response to a question on Facebook: Sincere Assistance”

August 19, 2011

• This is in response to an individuals questions, who has expressed a strong and sincere desire to both learn and be a part of a (Meet up and community) group that I started almost a year ago called “Operation Give Back: Photography”

Hey, I just ran across your photography group and I am SO hurt that I missed it, WOW. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and have recently decided to pursue it as a serious hobby (which basically means buying a “cool” camera). Will there be any similar sessions in the near future? If not, would you mind entertaining some very basic questions regarding brands of cameras and basic techniques to help get me started? Look forward to hearing from you. Take care

Thanks for reaching out. We meet all year round. Whereas any member can suggest and schedule a “meet up” I am open to answering your questions. So feel free to ask.

Sounds good. Well my first question would be, what type of camera would you suggest for a novice photographer? I’ve been looking at the Nikon D5100 as I like some of the effects and if needed, it can operate as a simple point and shoot but I’m very new to this so I’m open to suggestions.

When it comes to photography – always consider your long term goals and objectives, even when buying a camera.
I shoot with two Canon 30D’s – both are pro cameras. I would suggest against buying a camera for “effects” – they make you lazy or can fail to teach you the proper mechanics of photography.
Always consider what and when you like to shoot and have the right (quality) lenses and flash unit available for the occasion.
Review some of our groups early post where we included technical specs of the images we posted. This will give you an idea of what is in store.
I am selling one of my cameras with a vertical grip and batteries (charger not included) for $800.00 (it sells new for $1100.00) I bought if for $1400.00. There are pictures of it on our page.
It is or can be an expensive hobby or a lucrative business for the right person. And it can be competitive just as any other business or hobby. Know your strengths and weaknesses and CONSISTENTLY GROW. We will be watching (your work). And be ready to have your work critiqued daily. It helps and I hope this did.

k/d/morris – photographer
Founder of:
Operation Give Back: Photography


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