“Things I’ve Learned and Share: Number Five. A Symbol Of Genius.”

When Marisa Barnes-Hopkins called and asked me to be a part of “something” she was involved in, with very little explanation, other than the purpose, I signed on.
Overwhelmed and determined, she made it happen. Which brings me to “Number Five” who sat patiently but was planning her objective as most forward thinkers would. I was tempted to challenge her in a chess game to see how far ahead of the “game” she really is (was), but there was no set, so we talked and took pictures instead.
Fortunately, I had to find ways to both identify them while trying to relate to them on their level (as mentioned in an earlier post.
It had appeared that “Number Five” was eagerly receptive and observant with a sense of cool about her. I witnessed her cool transition into creativity as she avoided the group to go on her own path with camera in hand – immortalizing inanimate objects and participants doing the same. According to (some books on) numerology, five is the numerical value of genius. I am a “five” according to the charts and have been tested as such. It’s what we do with this “blessing or curse” is what makes the difference. I chose to pay mine forward. Marisa had went from leader to follower by becoming the student and artist.
And I was amazed at how they all went from that teenage posture of disinterest to “do we have to stop right now…?” enthusiasm.
I felt the same way. I could have given them an additional 8 hours and spent hours sharing what i have learned from five teenage girls whose ambition, talent and patience motivated me.

k/d/morris – photographer

Thank you


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