Summer: Sun, Sand and Snapshots

How do we choose to document moments of the season? Any season? It seems that the summer brings people together for just about any reason.
But, the summer is almost officially over. For some of us anyway. The sun, heat, sand and outdoor gatherings will all wave bye-bye until June.
As a photographer, I take advantage of each moment to capture a moment. I like to view them as an opportunity to document people in a comfortable and natural environment and show the sweat on their brows, sand in their hair or food stains from a barbecue or wedding reception.
As an admitted opportunist, I also use the season to step out of my own comfort zones and take photos of things, people and places of little or no creative interest to me.
We all have our forte of topics/subjects we prefer to shoot. Concerts are mine. Anyone in natural or existing light performing and sharing with such emotion, I capture it through my lens.
Today, I did something that most photographers do while out with friends and family: I became “photo dude.”
Yes. “Photo Dude.” that dude with a camera and unpredictable way of catching you making the most unflattering expressions. Actually, I mixed it up a bit. I am eager to share these moments with you all, but your curiosity will only be feed via my website:
kdmorris photography in a day or so (still looking over the 258 images).
Once there, go to the “Summer” tab then, leave a comment via direct email or come back this post and share your thoughts.
Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoyed your summer and documented someone’s smile or sincere emotions.

Happy holiday.
k/d/morris – photographer


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