The Learning Curve and Spoiled Cameras

I recently had a conversation with a fellow photographer and we agreed that we did not have the luxury of “deleting” unwanted or imperfect images during a photo session or gig.

We had to learn to trust our creative instincts and insure, most importantly, that there was FILM IN THE CAMERA. Yes, film. That almost “prehistoric” medium that very few use these days. There may be some die-hard photographer’s who swear by the saturation and beauty of film who come across some of us who are spoiled by technology. Technology that we asked for, but did not pursue. A search that seemed to almost ruined the learning curve of actual photography. Making anyone and almost an instant Gordon Parks or Ansel Adams with the push of a button and nothing more. This also leads me to ask if there is a loss of respect for the need to study the craft of photography anymore? Most of us had “hands on instruction” that got us to where we are today. No internet search engines or blogs to help us. We had to walk or drive to a library, open a book or (don’t faint) an encyclopedia or subscribe to a publication (Popular Photography, Shutterbug…etc) or call someone with the knowledge that we sought. I just so happen to teach photography and remind my participants of the work ethic involved, the need to actually learn your equipment and the learning curve through trial and error.

I wouldn’t have ever thought that after Hassy and Mamiya introduced digi-back and Nikon introduced a digital SLR almost 10-12 years ago that we would be carrying digital cameras in our pockets or let alone, making phone calls with them.

Although I still have my film cameras, tucked safely away from dust and harm in a cool dry (high place) and on occasion, I only take them from their resting place to remind myself of my humbled beginnings and where it began for me. I want more for them. They are predecessors to my success and calling. They deserve more from me and I want to give them what they deserve.I will first have to buy some film and batteries for the Canon A2e’s and film for the Mamiya RB67 with two lenses and two backs and then pick a day to venture into the wilderness and relive the days of yore. LOL.

So, I would like to first begin an on-line movement to select a day – one day a year – that is dedicated to “Shooting With Film” Day next year, then DO IT! On this day, any photographer’s with manual/auto focus film use SLR camera’s around the country on this day, will go out and shoot (side bar: I was a dedicated user of Fuji 800 Pro – as a concert photographer) and take the film into the lab for processing, then scan the images and (as we had to in order to) post them to the web the old-fashioned way on a page or subdirectory entitled: “Film Day 2012” and share the links on a common site or social network that we agree to establish in honor of this movement.

Who’s with me?


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