Compare a Digital 35mm to an Apple iPad3

As a photographer, who resisted the transition from film to digital technology, I had to first stop renouncing the existence of said technology and slowly let go of the past.

Even camera phones are producing similar quality images, even with the limitations of focus range and low lighting adjustments, color saturation (based on lighting), motion and action shots and the lack of aperture control that is available with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Phase One, Olympus and Minolta 35mm DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras with all the bells and whistles and interchangeable lenses and adapters.

There’s more to being a photographer, than having a bag full of lenses, batteries, SD or CF cards, cleaning kits (see earlier post with regards to having the proper tools), and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars and hours perfecting your craft. Some people luck up in the moment and capture outstanding images with cell phones and tablets. I have. The best camera in the world is the one in your hand – when the time comes.

Below, is a side by side comparison of a bouquet of flowers taken with a Canon 30D using 18-135mm lens (f/4.5; asa 1/80; iso: 400; focal length @ 19mm) and the other with my iPad 3 (f/2.4; asa 1/30; iso equivalent 80; focal length fixed 35mm). Note the vast differences in the range available to capture and produce in a “natural” light situation.

You will see clearly noticeable variations between the who mediums, but to the less discerning eye, “it’s a good shot.” Only the big differences are in the clarity, sharpness, quality and color saturation. Both images are unedited and have only been cropped to show an equal plane and image grid. Details of metadata provided by ExifWizard (app).

I invite you to perform your own, existing light comparisons and share them in this forum.

Thank you.

k/d/morris – photographer

Next Comparison: Bright Light and Textures


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