We ARE Professionals….

Photographers & Videographers

WE, like Millions of others, are professionals. We HATE when so-called friends either want us to WORK for FREE or EXPECT a discount for our TIME (let us offer the discount or “sweeten the deal”), talent and service. You KNOW who you are. So, before you call a photographer or videographer, PRINT THIS OUT and post it on both your bathroom mirror and refrigerator door (two things you look in other than our lenses) READ it and be ready to PAY the quoted price.
• Or have a non profession with that NICE CAMERA that takes GOOD pictures waste time socializing and miss the important moments…etc.
• Not everyone with a camera IS a photographer. There IS a difference.
• Just because your neighbor has tools doesn’t make him a mechanic, carpenter or construction worker…he could be a HANDY MAN that has a bunch of junk in his garage.


k/d/morris – Photographer



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